Fall 2015 – ZTA Bid Day 

So, I never really introduced myself. I’m Ashley. I was born and raised in Alabama, the good ole’ South. I’m 23, studying Anthropology, ZTA alum, soon to be ZTA advisor and Panhellenic advisor, working at a law firm as an office assistant, spoiling my niece 24/7, volunteering at anything I can, and trying to be an adult.

I like to do a lot of mission work and habitat for humanity projects. I have been to Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California, New York, Eleuthera Bahamas, and the most recent, South Africa! Each state was something completely different, but the feeling of coming and going was all the same, overwhelming joy. To see the look on a family’s face who just had their roof repaired because it had been leaking for almost two years, the look on kid’s faces when someone takes the time to eat with them and play with them, the feeling when you know you are leaving and you made a difference in someone’s life.


Winter 2015 – Oppieberg, South Africa

So flash forward to now and I’ve been at a law office for almost a year (June), but I’ve gotten into another opportunity where my previous job and my AWESOME boss, “josh’s” mom, is the manager at this great apartment property compared to the TERRIBLE one we were at before. So there’s a HIGH chance that when she starts (next week) she will ask to bring me back in to be the assistant for her again since it was the same company we left from. I left on good terms, but I am also a nervous wreck about thinking about having to quit my job now because I LOVE my coworkers which I know isn’t a reason to stay at a job at all. So I am having a slight complex about it.


Fall 2015 – Panhellenic Retreat @ Camp Chandler

Well, I guess that’s enough for now. If anyone is reading, I appreciate all the comments I have been getting and messages! Please feel free to give me any advice too, because I need it.


Summer 2014 – Lake Harding