“It is important to remember that some people are broken with flaws and that they are going to let you down sometimes.” 

When I met, let’s call him josh, he fit the most perfect guy for me. Country, bearded, southern, and best of all CHRISTIAN. You would think in the south there would be a lot of men who were “gentleman” AND Christian like you see on tv and movies, NOPE. He was a grand prize winner and I was so obsessed with how perfect I thought he was.

We began our friendship, and it never turned into anything because we were both just so broken by our past relationships. I was heartbroken by not even getting a chance to be with him which sounds so silly. Am I that desperate to not be alone that I would just jump at any guy who was so hurt and broken that I didn’t care because he had a cool beard and fit my perfect description of a guy I wanted? No. God didn’t think so either. We are still really great friends and we watch so much Netflix it’s unbelievable, and drive around and sing, and he really is such a great guy that despite the flaws, despite the brokenness, one day he is going to be fixed. He is going to see that you can still have brokenness and still live a life of unbrokenness.

And someday, I will too.