The devotion for today is about pringles. Really, pringles. I have always heard the phrase “single as a pringle”, but this devotion really made me think about it. We are all stacked together in a way that makes us who we are.  Here is the explanation from the devotion of how we are like pringles:

“I think we’re a lot like Pringles. And I don’t mean that we’re salty (although sometimes that’s true, too). I mean that Pringles are designed for stacking – for community, relationship, connection with other Pringles so that they fit where they belong (in the Pringle can).

In the same way, we are designed for community, relationship, and connection with other people. We have an innate need to feel that we belong. But when one Pringle gets taken off the stack, it is no longer just a part of the Pringle community. And I think this is why singleness can feel so painfully lonely at times. I ALSO think that this is why we can feel painfully lonely even within relationships. Isolation from connection and relationship is terrifying because we are designed to be stacked, fitted close next to another. Our hands fit together just like Pringles fit together. It’s simply the way we’re made.”

So anyways, we are asked in what ways we feel alone, isolated, or inadequate? What triggers those feelings?

I think yesterday’s post covers a lot about this. I feel alone when I feel like I have no one to talk too. That when someone does come to mind a reason of why they wouldn’t acknowledge me also comes to mind. That I am more of a burden, even though I know I am not. Some days I just want to text a girlfriend up to go shopping or go to lunch or even see a movie and there is nothing lonelier than scrolling through your list of contacts because there isn’t anyone. Just kind of hopelessly holding on to God opening a door to friends I can go to church with, movies, dinners, lunch. I don’t want to feel alone.