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What is even going on in my life?


Fall 2015 – ZTA Bid Day 

So, I never really introduced myself. I’m Ashley. I was born and raised in Alabama, the good ole’ South. I’m 23, studying Anthropology, ZTA alum, soon to be ZTA advisor and Panhellenic advisor, working at a law firm as an office assistant, spoiling my niece 24/7, volunteering at anything I can, and trying to be an adult.

Continue reading “What is even going on in my life?”


Day Four: When You Want To Fix Him


“It is important to remember that some people are broken with flaws and that they are going to let you down sometimes.”  Continue reading “Day Four: When You Want To Fix Him”

Day Three: Distance Makes the Heart Grow


I know I have slacked a few days and I just started doing this, but it was a rough weekend with the storms (Alabama weather) and then Monday was SLAMMED. I mean, I have been there almost a full year (Law office) and one attorney just casually decides to drop me off something due by 4:30 and it was already 11. Needless to say, it was finished at 5:45. Exhausted. So, here we go..  Continue reading “Day Three: Distance Makes the Heart Grow”

Day Two: Single as a pringle


The devotion for today is about pringles. Really, pringles. I have always heard the phrase “single as a pringle”, but this devotion really made me think about it. We are all stacked together in a way that makes us who we are.  Here is the explanation from the devotion of how we are like pringles: Continue reading “Day Two: Single as a pringle”

Day One: Baggage isn’t sexy



In this week’s devotional, we are supposed to write down everything that is weighing us down, holding us back, what fears or past hurts or anxieties affect your ability to step forward.  Continue reading “Day One: Baggage isn’t sexy”

Why am I even writing​?

7f71ebb01035f78d88c2440994d48839I have hit a point in my life where I am just not feeling like myself anymore. I am not sure this is rock bottom and definitely not a midlife crisis (because I’m only 23), but an everything is happening at once crisis and I don’t know how to deal with it or who to talk too. Continue reading “Why am I even writing​?”

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